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  • Can I direct my donation to a specific child?
    With your donation you may disclose which child you’d like your contribution to go toward via email. Our members will ensure to direct the funds to that specific family. Unless otherwise instructed, you will receive status and photo updates (if possible) via email.
  • How long has Bridge of Health been active?
    Bridge of Health Armenia President Anahit Barseghyan founded BOH in 2012 in honor of her son Narek who is a young cancer survivor. She built the dedicated team you see today from the ground up.
  • Where can I see your most recent financial reports?
    You may find our financials here (Hyperlink to Reports tab). They are updated on a quarterly basis.
  • Is Bridge of Health a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization?
    Yes, Bridge of Health has been a certified nonprofit since 2012.
  • How can I volunteer?
    Any member of the community is welcome to join our team. Application process is simple. You may fill out and submit an application by clicking here. Volunteers later have the opportunity to become members after a designated time.
  • How does Bridge of Health raise the funds for donations?
    We gather donations through several different avenues however our 3 major fundraising events, provides BOH with the revenue necessary to maintain regular donations to families in need. We also have generous monthly donors that happily donate a small amount every month to help our cause.
  • What is your Tax ID Number?
    For our tax information, you may email your request with your full name and amount donated to
  • Where do my donations go?
    All Paypal, cash, check, or credit payments are deposited into our USA bank account and funds are wired to Armenia on a case by case basis for each child.
  • How do you decide which children to help?
    Thankfully, we have multiple volunteers in Armenia who manage the influx of donation requests from families across both main cities of Armenia and villages along the outskirts. Doctors and medical staff also often direct our attention to families that may need extra financial help.
  • Where can I get more info about your organization?
    You can keep up with all our activities, accomplishments and events by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. (hyperlinks to all our pages)
  • Do you accept monthly donations?
    Yes, you can become a monthly donor here.

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