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Medical Student Scholarship

We believe it is important to invest in Armenia’s future. By providing young, aspiring students the means necessary to attend medical school, we are bridging the gap to a happier, healthier Armenia for the children and for all. 

Congratulations to Ms. Ruzanna Papyan!


Congratulations to Ms. Ruzanna Papyan!

Bridge of Health is a proud sponsor of pediatric oncologist Ruzanna Papyan from the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorder Center of Armenia. Not only is Ms. Ruzanna a co-investigator in one our most influential projects of the year, sponsoring Armenia’s first hospital-based Cancer Registry, she has also been accepted into Harvard Medical School’s High Impact Cancer Research program! Ms. Papyan will learn directly from Harvard’s prominent faculty regarding clinical tumor development, diagnosis, and new cancer treatment. She is determined to then share her renowned experience and knowledge to help support and develop pediatric oncology in Armenia.

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