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A Message From Armenia Chapter President, Anahit

Annually, about 100 children are diagnosed with cancer in Armenia. It seems that the number is not so great, but it requires a considerable amount funds to treat each child from diagnosis to recovery. We have managed to help 80 children so far with our mission to eradicate pediatric cancer in Armenia. The progress we made has encouraged more people to support our cause because there is nothing more precious and important than saving a human life, especially if it is the life of a child.

Due to certain medications not being registered in Armenia, people are strong-armed to buy them at twice (or even 3 times) their value. Many families come to hospitals from outskirts of town unaware of the extent of medical expenses. They are generally confused about what to do and whom to reach out to. At this point, their doctor explains their options to them, and that BOH is a great resource to seek help in finding proper funds to treat their child. We appreciate our community members in Armenia and in America, who spread the word about how we bridge the gap and refer children to us. Adversity is strong motivation to give back. My son was diagnosed with leukemia. Due to his struggle, I created BOH with the help of a motivated young activists. Together we will continue to bridge the gap for child after child.

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