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Save Syuzanna from her 3rd battle with leukemia!

Brave Syuzanna is a 16-year-old girl from Kamo Village in Armenia. Instead of enjoying her Sweet 16, Syuzanna is fighting for her life. Will you fight with her?   #SaveSyuzanna

The Problem

Syuzanna is diagnosed with leukemia. This is the 3rd time she’s battled this cancer since her initial diagnosis in 2015. She comes from a loving family with 4 brothers and sisters. Her parents have done everything they can to cure her and keep her healthy. Syuzanna’s family has a small farm which helps them survive day-to-day. Years of medical expenses and a big family to take care of make it impossible to fund yet another round of treatment. 

The Solution 

Syuzanna only has one shot at survival: a bone marrow transplant. Her parents were so grateful to learn there is still hope for another recovery, but that hope was shattered when they learned the cost of the procedure would be a devastating $40,000.00 . 

BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE! With your help in small donations and spreading the word, we can gather the resources necessary to get her treated. We have to move QUICKLY. 

Is Syuzanna afraid? Yes. Can she survive this? YES! She’s a strong, determined, and optimistic young woman with her whole life ahead of her. Syuzanna defeated this diagnosis TWICE before. But now she needs your help more than ever. 

The Dream

The first time Syuzanna was diagnosed with neoplastic leukemia she received treatment and was cured! Thinking the worst was behind her, Syuzanna began planning and dreaming of her future, her career, her family. But life threw another curveball at her and her family when the cancer came back. Pulling together all the strength and funds she can muster, she defeated the battle a second time. And now, she must do it all over again. 

But she doesn’t have to do it alone. Let’s bridge the gap for Syuzanna!

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