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We are proud sponsors of CANCER.AM! provides informative articles to cancer patients in Armenia.

Battling against cancer is difficult all on its own. Not having the proper resources to learn about prevention, treatment, statistics, and current events can make the battle even more difficult. With this difficulty in mind, was created to ensure no family is left in the dark. provides educational information for cancer patients in Armenian. The site consists of informative articles for patients regarding diagnosis, symptoms. treatment, and follow ups. This site mainly kept up-to-date by volunteers who generously donate their time to provide timely, accurate translations of information retrieved from, which is run by American Society of Clinical Oncology. was founded by the support of the US Embassy. Bridge of Health was approached to become a sponsor, and we proudly agreed to help fund this important endeavor. Our funding will support the hiring of coordinators to provide data collection, accuracy, translations and website maintenance.

The site receives multiple visitors regularly, as patients and their families are often directed to the site for a comprehensive outlook on what to expect throughout their treatment process. 

We are proud to be part of a project that is dedicated to educating the Armenian public and providing peace-of-mind for cancer patients. 




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